Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chris Tomlin - Give Us Clean Hands

Chris Tomlin - Give Us Clean Hands

We bow our hearts, we bend our knees
Oh spirit come make us humble

We turn our eyes from evil things
Oh Lord we cast down our idols

Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts
Let us not lift our souls to another
Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts
Let us not lift our souls to another

Oh God let us be a generation that seeks
Who seeks your face, Oh God of Jacob
Oh god let us be a generation that seeks
Who seeks your face, Oh God of Jacob

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


...I updated X)

so hmm....
okay, first thing... After a few months (years, actually) of struggling at the crossroad (of what-and-where-to-study), I've finally decided, and even registered X)
So... I will begin my college/university life at APIIT on 5th of February ^^

1. What is APIIT?
It stands for Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology.
Don't you think that the name is very long?
And so they then renamed it to UCTI in 2005, which stands for University College of Technology and Innovation..!
LoL... got my joke?
haha.... Of course I was just kidding... they did rename it, but not on that purpose, they did so because they have gained University College status the year before,
p/s. I guess so. X)
but since there're still a lot of people calling it APIIT, so.... APIIT lar~ haha....

2. Where is APIIT?
The campus is in Technology Park!!! (which is located in Bukit Jalil)
So damn daim cool...!
But what's so cool? I don't know actually.. lol
I just liked it at first sight (but not anymore at second sight~ haha!)..
there are green fields and trees in Technology Park, which looks like the ideal university which appeared in my childhood dream..
that is, sitting under a big apple tree, with a laptop on my lap and a few books lying on the grass.. and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath while the gentle wind dropped by... how wonderful it was...
but... HAHA!
forget about it .___.

So this is the map...

sigh.. why am I showing you this...
anyway, it's quite near to the Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex, so if you feel like swimming or doing anything with me (lol, with me ._.), do feel free to give me a call X)

3. What course are you taking?
I will take Bachelor (Hons) in Computing, but will go for Diploma Part 2 (Duration: 14 months) first, then straight into Degree Year 2, for the sake of PTPTN Loan... Don't ask me anything about this, I'm tired of explaining this (bleh :P )

So that's the end of the FAQ, and here comes the interesting part.
Guess what?

NO Tees, NO Jeans, NO Sportshoes..!!
So I have to wear formal clothes...
Wearing formal clothes is not a bad thing to me, but buying is. T__T
And so I went to shop at 1utama few days ago,
omigosh..... I hate shopping....
(Maybe I'll like it when I'm rich, that I don't need to bother the price tag, the discount offered, the quality etc.)
So in the end I just bought a Long-sleeved Formal Shirt, and I planned to buy the rest at my hometown during the Chinese New Year, or.... have you got any suggestion?
I want cheap, nice, and good. (The cantonese saying, Paeng Laeng Zaeng)
Got it..?
hahaha..! ^^

(Or actually you can help me in another way, that is, by giving me angpows so that I can buy everything I want with my eyes closed, or at least, one eye closed..!
Thanks in advance T________T

HA! X)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year..!

There are too many awesome things happening these few weeks,
and I'm just too lazy to blog them out..!
So I've sent my pet here to say..

Happy New Year all!! ^^

p.s my pet is very kawaii huh! X)
p.p.s stop peeping.. i know he is naked ><"