Sunday, April 4, 2010

Samsung 3D LED TV Launch @ KLCC


As you all should know, I am not a very active blogger who is seemingly capable of blogging out each and every second of the events happening around us instantaneously.
But thanks to Samsung and Shaz, delightedly I got the invitation to the Samsung 3D LED TV Launch happened at KLCC on 31st March.

as Blogger/Media

and be one of the first few in Malaysia to experience 3D LED TV! :)

Shall I present to you..

The Mesmerizing Samsung 3D LED TVs!!

I believe most of you have watched Avatar in 3D.
It's brilliant, isn't it?

But to watch it in 3D, we had to go through a lot of hassles.
I remember how desperately I wanted to watch it with my friends that time but all the tickets in the cinema were either purchased or reserved.

But we still wanted to watch it in 3D no matter how!
So my friend came out with a cheeky idea (which most of you might have already done). We put on our thick skins, standing first in the queue and allowing others behind us to go first while waiting for the time when the uncollected reserved tickets were unlocked to come.
We stood there for almost an hour, just to make sure no one else got the unlocked tickets before us.
And voila, we got to enjoy the movie in 3D finally :)

But, do we really need to go through these to enjoy the 3D movies?
Not to mention about the unsatisfying and uncomfortable 3D glasses provided in the cinemas.
The answer is of course, No! at least not now anymore.

Samsung has put an end to the tragedy by delivering the first ever 3D LED TVs to your home!
No more tacky paper glasses with blue and red plastic film lenses, no more queues to wait on or extortionate popcorns to douse with chemical butter.

All you need is just..

A Samsung 3D capable TV


A pair of Samsung 3D Glasses
( Don't you ever belittle them, they employ an active liquid display (LCD) shutter system, whereby both lenses synchronize with the 3D content by alternately darkening and lightening each side, displaying the corresponding right and left image. )


A Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player (to play 3D Blue-ray discs)

And then, you can ecstactically immerse yourself into the 3D world, be it Avatar or Monster vs Aliens or Alice In Wonderland or even more coming, together with your beloved family and friends, embracing the latest cinematic 3D experience right from the comfort of your living room.
Isn't that wonderful? :)

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered How Fish Defecate?

The other day, I was having some 
significant talk with my intellectual friends.

We talked about how fish defecate, and proudly we came out with a statement:
"Fish Defecate Through Their Mouths."
Alright, don’t believe it?
Let me prove it to you.

First, we all know that we humans do defecate, and we defecate through our gluteal areas.
[ Humans -> Defecate -> Gluteal Areas ]

And then, we also know that our gluteal areas are used to pass gases too.
Gluteal Areas -> Pass Gases ]

When we pass gasses in the water, they are released in the form of bubbles.
Pass Gases -> Release Bubbles ]

Next, we know that fish release bubbles through their mouths,
(If you don’t believe this, go and ask or look at any of the drawings of the little kids, even kindergarten kids can tell you this.)
[ Fish -> Release Bubbles ]

and that releasing bubbles actually refers to passing gases,
[ Release Bubbles -> Pass Gases ]

which means, fish pass gasses through their mouths!
Pass Gases -> Mouths ]

which also means that their mouths are their gluteal areas!
[ Mouths = Gluteal Areas ]

Thus according to Mathematical Induction,
[ Fish -> Defecate -> Mouth ]

Fish Defecate Through Their Mouths!

See? it is actually proven. So next time you should tell your children that fish actually defecate through their mouths.

Just Kidding.
I just wanna say,
Happy April Fool's Day :)

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