Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To My Friend

It is not where we stand that's important,
but in what direction we are moving.


and here, some desserts!
hehe =D
yea! Finally an update huh!
It's study week holiday now! X)
and phew..
all the bloody assignments are done and submitted finally!
(and the exam is coming in a week's time! T__T hah!)

If you're wondering what I have been doing lately,
(haha! As if you are! XD)
alright, here's a peep folks! ^^

If you could have a wish,
what would you wish for?

And so that's my first flash animation.
Do download it and have a look ya
And also, comments are glad to be heard
thanks =)

(which is managed by Alex and hosted by CY)
Or you can straight download it from here:
It's .exe file. No virus tho, don't worry =)

And yea, there're lots more flash animations in the website,
which belong to my friends,
so kindly download them and watch as well

Some recommended animations:

All has spent sleepless nights working on them while keeping to the deadline.
So.. Thanks for supporting. ^^

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Saturday, October 10, 2009