Monday, June 15, 2009

Goodbye To My First Semester

..and hello, HOLIDAYS..!

but, hmm... do I really look forward to having holidays..?
Fifty fifty, I'd say.

And so this is the life. (Or, just mine)
When you are studying, you tell others how much you wished to have holidays;
But when you are on holidays, you tell others how much you wished to have school.

But there's one thing I'm very sure of. Whenever, or at whatever time, you won't tell how much you wished to have the time when you rushed so deadly for your bloody assignments and examinations that you could not even sleep well. Certainly not. (Alright, unless there's something wrong with you or me, or unless it's 20 years later from now, that we are so tired of working.)

And suddenly I realised, why am I talking all these.. lol .__.

Anyway, looking back..
It has been more than 4 months since I started my college life.
I met new friends.
(yea, a great wide range of friends. People from Botswana, Tanzania, Myanmar, Bangladesh and so on.. and even people from 19-year-old to 28-year-old)
I started to drive.
I joined cell group.
I spent ample time in library and lab
I quit DotA. (lol, but continued yesterday)
I became a part time tuition teacher.
I watched a number of movies.
I participated in a (very) few events.
I played Eyemaze.
I argued with the lecturer.
I went PC Fair.
I learned a lot of things.
I spent days and nights on assignments.
I slept in a traffic jam.
I went for some gatherings.
I joined .Net Super Interest Group.

Ah, and the list goes on.

Eww.. Why am I telling you this again.
Aih, I'm just a bit bored, though I know I have a lot of necessary things to do.

Alright alright. Stop it. And let the pictures talk.
The first thing I did when my holidays started is, a jalan-jalan at the park nearby, which I always like to do. :)

yeah :)


Himi Tomoki said...

I Love The Pictures...

Xeleon said...

oh thank you.
They were all taken using Olympus µ[mju:] 410 Digital.
Perhaps they can be better if I have a better camera as my birthday present.
Don't you think so? X)
(*evil laugh*)

Amysomething said...

Hey long time no see leh dude...
kinda miss you la..