Friday, January 15, 2010

It's 2010 and, Hullo!!

You know what? I was thinking:

 "Hmm.. how should I start this post.. It's the first post of the year 2010, and also the first post after me going missing out of the blue for two months."

Deliberately, I thought, I thought, and I thought.
And then aha! Something came into my mind! I could just start the post like this!
(And so it all started without you realizing it! XD)

You didn’t realize it, did you? =P
Haha, uhm.. Alright. I'm not going to tell you what I did in the past 60 days,
(Don't catch me, I didn't really count.)
but perhaps, some memorable highlights for 2009? =)

1. My college life started and now I learnt quite a number of languages already.
Yea, so feel free to speak to me in those language but I can't guarantee I can reply you in the same manner.
(Wait until I can speak in C or Java or VisualBasic.Net etc. fluently.)

2. I got my driving license and the nightmare started.
Uhhh.. now I learnt the lesson. Don't choose a college that is far far away from where you stay!
Everyday I need to wake up damn early just to avoid traffic congestion. Then I have to travel about 40 - 60 minutes just to get to my college... uhh.. everyday.. I'm gonna get mad soon.. T_____T
Anyway, ignore my previous "advice" and take this: Don't ever think driving is fun!! DON'T EVER!!

3. I finished my Grade 8 Piano with high distinction!!
Hooray!! XD But I think I was just lucky lah. My piano skills are not as good as what it appears to be in your mind now. So, screw it. Next.

4. I went caroling for the first time in my life!
IT WAS AWESOME I TELL YOU. We hit five houses and below is a scene of the first house we visited. =D
Yeah, I am one of the monkeys in green. Spot me and I will buy you an alienware.

Need I say more? It's youth camp! IT'S YOUTH CAMP!
The theme for this year is.. ELEVATE! =D

The Arthur's

The Beta Bon Bon Bam

The Champions

The Foo's

The Shane's

The Super Garfield

Group Photos

All of us :)

And of course, the game committees

From left to right: Naomi, Arnold, John M., Alvin, Me and Jia Chek

The youth camp was of course splendidly awesome, though I was quite exhausted after that.
Yea, as you can see, I was one of the games committees up there =)
Thanks to Alvin for bringing me into the committees.
This was indeed a great experience that I couldn't miss, and I never regret for skipping my classes to join the camp. (oops)
Hmm.. I had a lot of fun and learnt really a lot in this camp.
Sorry and thanks to all the game committees especially Alvin for your patience and guidance whenever I gave hassles. Six is indeed a great number for the game committees. You guys are just too amazing!

Some great moments with you guys that I don't want them to fade with time


6. I first spoke in tongue when the holy spirit fell on me.
The feeling was very warm and special. God is just too wonderful. Thank you for answering my prayers and helping me to learn the secret of using every adverse wind as an opportunity to soar when I was in the midst of difficult circumstances. You make music out of misery, a song out of sorrow, and success out of every setback. I will continue to seek you and develop a Christ-like character for you have called me out of darkness and into your wonderful light. I love you Father Lord. Amen.

And so, it's 2010 now..!! =)
A new year with a new blogskin and a new post written by a new me and read by a new you!
It's a very good time to have a fresh start right? Heh.
Here I wish all of you to have a wonderful year filled with health, love and happiness. :)


Amysomething said...

hey! in the 14th pic. what's the girl's name? second from right.

Xeleon said...

Hello! She's Gin Vern. Do you know her? @@

Amysomething said...

aiya... wrong person tim

Xeleon said...

How are you already? Long time no see ler ><"

Amysomething said...

ma like that lor.. you ask ker jia chek XD