Monday, May 16, 2011

Not To Boast A Lot

But perhaps a little? :P
(Alright, just to keep records as well, hehe)

My Team Is On...

*drum roll...*

1. The Stars Front Page! - Sarawak Edition (7 May 2011)
    (More at... )

The Stars - Sarawak Edition

2. Lowyat.Net (14 May 2011)

3. The Stars again! - West Malaysia this time (15 May 2011)
The Stars National

4. UCTI Official Website! (5 May 2011)

UCTI Official Website

5. UCTI Spotlight TV Channel ! (9 May 2011)

and.. many just a few more..! Hehe!

Of course, it would not have been so successful without the help and support from many people! There are so many people we would like to thank but we just don't know how to say "Thank you" enough!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! :)

Special thanks to our respected award-winning mentor, Mr. Anis, our knowledgeable and caring industrial mentors, Mr. Chu and Mr. Chris Leong, a highly passionate domain expert from Cancer Care Penang, Dr. Chris Teo, generous and supportive fellows from Marketing Department, Mr. Chong and Mr. Jerry, and many more fellow friends and family members who have supported us in many ways! To those whose names are not mentioned here but have helped and supported us as well, thank you very much! Your efforts and supports are truly appreciated too! Thanks! :)

P/s: We'll be going to New York City in July to further compete with other teams from all over the world..!! (Oh my! I'm so excited!!! Can you imagineeee that???? :D ) Wish us luck there and we would be very happy if anyone of you can provide us some places to stay over after the competition! Thanks in advance! :D

P.P/s: Oh ya, support us, support Malaysia. :P

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