Friday, March 6, 2009

Dumb Dumb Hole

It was about 7pm and I was driving from my college back to my home as usual. (and yeah, with my dad and his Vietnamese worker in the car)
Alright, straight to the point. (no story-telling this time, lol)
There was a big pothole on the Bukit Jalil Highway (just not far away from my college), I didn't really notice it, and so I drove over it, and heard a loud 'dang', and front right tyre got punctured.
Sorry dad, I know you have just got the same tyre punctured and repaired two weeks ago, but I couldn't help, lol.
It's a highway, the traffic was quite heavy and fast. The punctured tyre went flat after a few miles of traveling. Oops... did I just say no story-telling this time? Oh alright.. I skip the part of moving to the left lane, asking the Vietnamese worker to stand some distance away from the car, jack lifting the car, unscrewing the bolts, replacing the damaged tyre with the spare tyre and so on. (yea, these were all done by my dad, while I looked and learned, hehe)

alright, here comes the interesting part. While my dad was demonstrating how to change the tyre, I noticed a car moving slowly and stopped behind us. Aha! Another victim, lol!! It was an english-speaking chinese woman (nope, she is not a banana, she can speak chinese, but in a slightly weird slang), well dressed and had a well make-up, about 30 years old, I think. Quite pretty though, lol. She looked relieved when they saw us and we both looked at each other and laughed.

"The hole, right?" and the conversation started. She told me she had noticed the hole but just couldn't avoid it on time. And yea, she asked if we could help her as she didn't know how to change a tyre. "50 bucks or not." My dad joked to me. Of course it was a joke, lol. And so we helped her after that.

So, was she the angel that God sent to lighten up the situation or were we the angels that God sent to rescue her. I wondered.

"They never taught us how to change (a tyre)." she said. Yea, I totally agree with that. Six hours of amali is completely a waste of time that we couldn't learn anything at all. So, instead of my dad doing the same thing again, I told my dad that I want to try. And to our surprise, the woman said she wanted to try too. LoL, yea, she was quite cheerful. :)

So we changed the tyre under the guidance of my dad. It was a good experience and we learned a lot. (Thanks to my lovely dad.) She thanked us and exchanged name cards with my dad. She wanted to give us tip too, but of course, we refused. And then we waved and said good-bye.

I fastened my seatbelt, stopped the hazard light, and continued our way home.

Just a few seconds of traveling and we saw a car infront, same, a victim, but a guy. I turned and looked and smiled. Just a very short period of 20 minutes, I witnessed 3 victims including us. I wondered, how many victims would there be in a day, just because of the dumb dumb hole? And, who made the hole? Must be someone from the workshops nearby huh? Haha...


Oyico said...

LOL. go complain kat the star!

Himi Tomoki said...

Dumb Dumb Hole? Wait Till U Kena Dumb Dumb ROCK

Xeleon said...

@oyico: err... what does "kat" mean? ><"

@tomoki: are u cursing me? T______T